Scout Filmmaker Spotlight: Weston Snider, Canada

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Dichrome by Weston Snider, Canada

A young man who tries to close his eyes to the problems in his life encounters a person who can see things others can't.

Weston Snider was 15 at the time of making this film.

Dichrome screened during Scout Winter Fest in February of 2021, winning Best Cinematography and Overall Film awards.  Weston joined us for a Special Screening event to discuss the film and answer questions from the audience.

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Weston Snider

Weston Snider is an 18 year-old filmmaker from Rosebud Alberta. He has been making films since a very young age but only in the last few years has really started to figure out what storytelling means to him and the place it holds in his life. For the last year he has been working on preparing for his next short film which he will be shooting this summer after he graduates high school. He is very excited to share more with the world and see what life has to offer in this next year.
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Scout Filmmaker Spotlight: Weston Snider, Canada
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