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Tbourida - The Powder Game : Horsemen and Horses of the Moroccan Fantasia
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Biography: John Horniblow Founder, Editor in Chief and publisher of Photojournale : Photo documentary stories from around the world. John is a photographer, writer and film maker recently living in Casablanca , Morocco and now Beijing, China.... read on
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Tbourida - The Powder Game : Horsemen and Horses of the Moroccan Fantasia
Credits: john horniblow
Updated: 02/27/16
Location: Morocco
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Tbourida, also known as the ‘Powder game’, is a traditional and popular equestrian art inspired by the historical wartime attacks of the fiercely brave cavalrymen of Morocco. The colourful spectacle of Tbourida and its horsemen and horses, adorned in colorful tribal ceremonial dress, is widely practiced across all rural areas of Morocco to celebrate national and religious moussem (holidays), and forms part of the national cultural and recently passed, tribal identity of the country.

The fantasia’s are staged on rectangular exercise grounds, defined by long walls of white campaign tents for the riding troops and their equipment, with interiors lit up by the distinctive internal panelling of Sherifian Morocco, emblems of the former age of Sultan’s caravans that traveled the country. Morocco’s fantasia are considered cultural performances and akin to martial art, they symbolize the strong relationship between riders and their horses and more importantly Morocco keeps a vital memory of her history alive.  

Tbourida : The Fantasia of Morocco is a series of documentary style photos describing and realising the depth, thunder, smoke and dust, colours, energy and spectacle of the Moroccan Tbourida. Shot at a number of moussem, over a three year perod,  across Morocco including Moulay Abdullah, Moussem des Cerises Sefrou, Tissa and others. The work presented forms an exhibition is part of a selection for a pending book publication.