Ololade Lawal

Documentary photographer, Visual artist, Cinematographer
One World Flag Nigeria
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Biography: Ololade Lawal is a portrait, documentary photographer and visual artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. Her work focuses on socio-cultural themes around identity, race, African identity and representation. Through her work. she aims to present a more... MORE
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One World Flag Nigeria
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Updated Nov 2022
Location Nigeria
Topics Activism, Culture, Environment, Globalization, Landscape, Peacekeeping, Photography, Portrait, Reportage, Travel, Travel unity people humanity, World
The One World Flag is an art project published in 2018 by the German photographer and social artist Thomas Mandl, based in Munich.

It consists of a blue dot – the most simplified symbol for our common home: The blue planet. As a round flag is impossible to hang, the One World Flag has a unique background, something that can constantly change; The background of the flag is transparent, which means that the One World Flag is always changing, representing the ever-changing nature of culture, society, politics, and the environment of planet earth. It enables us to see our own world or home through the flag, as well as our common home the blue planet in the center. Through the usage of the translucent background, the environment blends into the flag background and thus becomes an integral part of the flag design. The One World Flag is the opposite of an imperialistic or colonial flag as every national flag is still visible through the flag. The Nigerian flag is visible through the One World Flag as well as any other flag.

 "We have much more in common as humans than what separates us. I don’t believe in a world government but in the unity of sovereign nations. We need acceptance for different cultures and nations and a new form of unity on the planet. The One World Flag is a symbol of unity, love for the Planet, open borders and peace. After an One World Flag exhibition in Rwanda in 2019, this is the second time that the One World Flag is exhibited on the African continent. Nigeria is on the edge of becoming one of the most influential countries in the world and I have been inspired by Nigerian culture in the past through music and photography. So I am very proud about this exhibition at the Goethe Institute in Lagos. Thanks to Dr. Nadine Siegert, Kolawole Oludamilare, Ololade Lawal & Franklin Okanu for making this project possible." - Thomas Mandl
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