Ololade Lawal

Portrait and documentary photographer and visual artist
Eid Yard Sale
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Biography: Ololade Lawal is a 26 year-old portrait and documentary photographer and visual artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. Her work focuses on socio-cultural themes around identity, race, African identity and representation. Through her work. she aims to... MORE
Public Story
Eid Yard Sale
Copyright Ololade Lawal 2022
Updated Apr 2022
Eidyardsale is a non-profit organization that collects cloth from donators and give out to those who need, especially towards the Islamic festivity, Eid.
As a volunteer for the organization, I took interest in capturing attitudes, expressions and the overall outlook of the event which took place in a local mosque at Surulere, Lagos, NIgeria.
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