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Either Limits or Contradictions
Location: greenfield, ma
Nationality: US
Biography: Nick Meyer (B.1981) lives and works in Western Massachusetts with his wife, dog and two young daughters. He is the recipient of the Pace Gallery Award and the Barclay Simpson Prize. In 2005 he earned his BFA at Massachusetts College of Art and... MORE
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Either Limits or Contradictions
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Date of Work Oct 2008 - Oct 2016
Updated Oct 2018
Topics Adolescence, Aging, Art, Beauty, Conceptual, Documentary, Dying/Death, Emotion, Family, Fine Art, Friends + Family, Landscape, Loss, Love, Nature + Landscape, Photography, Still life, Swimming, Water


I am afraid of dying. This is an attempt to circumvent the inevitable.

This project was not begun with that fear in mind, but as this project began to take shape, people in my life died and gave birth and life slowed, and I started to see the cycles forming in the work. I looked back at the photo albums that my father had curated for us; a record to look back on to affirm ourselves of our obvious youth. In these pictures I saw the people who are now gone and looked for those that didn’t get have the chance to be pasted into the pages of my history by my father before he died. The same cycles that were forming in my work had already been laid out in these family photos. The people, who, in my life, I have hugged, loved and mourned become Grandmother, Father and Friend with no names or histories attached in these albums. The story is not my own.

 A photograph can only be removed from the reality in which it was conceived, an abstraction of truth. As my world has become more and more vulnerable I realize that my subjects have become less and less mine and now, as photographs, exist only as stand-ins for whoever, wherever and whatever. 

I made these pictures as a reminder that things pass. That I will pass and you will pass, a tree will fall and the sun will set, and then it will happen again and again. It is a memorial of a life being lived. A meditation on pacing and prose and letting things unfold. These pictures are a means of facing our truths and accepting fate.

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Either Limits or Contradictions by nickmeyer meyer
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