Meike Hanne Seele

visual storyteller & writer
«Two and dreams»
Location: Lucerne, Switzerland
Nationality: German / Swiss
Biography:     Meike Hanne Seele is an independent photographer professional. Meike grew up at the coastal part of Germany and now lives and works in Lucerne/Switzerland. She started as self-taught photographer and gained most of her experience... read on
Public Story
«Two and dreams»
Credits: meike hanne seele
Updated: 06/14/14

Two and dreams

From the very first second on human life is a continous line of fragile moments. Fragile in its existence, fragile in lived expectations, anticipated continuity and particularly fragile in most of the human bonds we step into. Notably in relationships we tend to ignore the little cracks, which suddenly appear and irritate togetherness. When the first surge of amorousness flattens, tiny fractures become noticeable, fragility and emotional transitoriness become more apparent. Some of us simply ignore the threat that comes with the cracks; some cover it with daily routine or glue it with additional emotions. Some can take it as chance for adjustment.

This story covers personal moments in my relationship through which I am carried by the immense love of my partner. Maybe he is positively blind for cracks, braver in his love, more settled in his feelings or he simply has gathered more relevant experience throughout his lifetime. Most of the time he is the «baseline glue» and I re-set the sails.


By Meike Hanne Seele —

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