Ricardo Garcia Vilanova

Location: Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: A freelance photographer for over 20 years. Specializing in conflict zones and humanitarian crises, he has reported on the Arab Spring and ISIS conflicts.  His photographs have been published in Life, Newsweek, Time, The New York Times, The... MORE
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ricardo garcia vilanova
Aug 3, 2020

Glances of a tragedy

Pandemia collects in a book the visual testimony of 24 Latin American and Spanish photographers and photographers with the aim of creating a documentary and visual memory about a universal health crisis.

The benefits of this photographic project will go entirely to help families of photographers and photographers who have died while covering the pandemic in different countries of the world.

A photograph never reflects the deep horror of a tragedy, but without it we lack the evidence that documents our historical memory. "Photographs open doors to the past, but also allow us to take a look at the future," as photographer Sally Mann said. Or "photography could that dim light that modestly help change things," as W. Eugene Smith dreamed,

This book is the reflection of moments and glances of the greatest catastrophe that has devastated the world globally.

The pandemic, known as Covid-19, has caused to date and, always according to official figures, more than half a million deaths, and ten million infections worldwide.

With peaks of more than a thousand deaths a day in certain countries, the deadly effects of the pandemic far exceed the numbers of victims of any conflict with conventional weapons. The worst thing is that health specialists constantly remind us that we are at the beginning of its lethal impact.

Who are we and why have we joined?


Pandemia summarizes the work of a group of Latin American and Spanish photographers and photographers altruistically united in a humanitarian project with very specific charitable objectives and will see the light in book format at the end of this year 2020.

Professionals of international reference participate in the work of documenting events and situations of great social impact.

The edition of the book will be covered with the purchase of copies through crowdfunding that will begin in September 2020. All the economic benefits obtained will go to a trust fund for families of photographers and freelance photographers who died during the coverage. of the Covid-19 pandemic and that is in a situation of social exclusion.

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