José Javier Delgado Esteban

Whaling Stations of the Iberian Peninsula: Now and then.
Location: Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: I am a multi award-winning visual artist, photographer and new media developer. Throughout my early professional life in Spain I developed a strong interest in all aspects of photography, moving image, environmental, space sciences and natural... read on
Public Story
Whaling Stations of the Iberian Peninsula: Now and then.
Credits: josé javier delgado esteban
Date of Work: 11/01/17 - Ongoing
Updated: 11/29/17
Location: Spain
An important if though sad reminder of Spain's whaling recent past, the remains scatered mainly in the Galician province in the North of Spain.

The composites on this series belong to the the Old Whaling Station set up by the "Compañia Ballenara Española" or Spanish Whaling Company in 1921 in Getares, near Algeciras, Andalusia, Spain.

The factory was owned by the Norwegians Lorentz Brunnd and Carl F. Herlofson. In a mere 5 years the whaling boats leaving the station wiped out thousands of sperm and fin whales. The company was dissolved in 1930, since then the ruins of the old factory have remain in a sorry state of neglect. There are several fin whale bones scattered all over the grounds.

In the period that the company operated it processed 3,610 Baleen whales (Rourcuals)  and 352 Sperm Whales.

The factory was resurrected in the 50's for a second whaling campaing, stocks where so heavily depeleted by then that the station was only able to process 291 Rorcuals and 372 Sperm Whales.

By José Javier Delgado Esteban —

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