Amir Levy

Falash Mura
Location: New York City
Nationality: USA;Israel
Biography: Amir Levy  is an Israeli/American photojournalist currently based in Israel.    Amir's personal work focuses on social and environmental struggles and exploring communities narratives where people are impacted by the industrial... read on
Public Story
Falash Mura
Credits: amir levy
Date of Work: 12/25/19 - Ongoing
Updated: 02/14/20
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In Ethiopia, for almost 20 years the remaining 7000 Ethiopian Jews of the Falash Mura community are waiting to immigrate to Israel. The Falash Mura is the given name to the descendants Ethiopian Jews who converted to Christianity due to variety of reasons in the 19th century. The Falash Mura asked to return to Judaism 100 years later. Through out the years Israel has recognized their judaism and decided to act to bring them to Israel. But in fact only part of the Falash Mura community were approved to move to Israel. This situation led to torn families as some of them didn't see their relatives for a decade or two. The main oppositions say they are not jews and that further immigration of the Falash Mura community will lead to continuous cycle of non Jewish Ethiopians who will claim they are part of the Falash Mura.

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