Patricia Ackerman

I´m single
Location: Buenos Aires
Nationality: Argentina
Biography: Born and based in Buenos Aires, photographer Patricia Ackerman completed a graduate degree in psychology and works as a psychoanalyst. A self-taught photographer, Patricia has developed an artistic passionate visual eye focusing on street,... read on

By Patricia Ackerman —


The missing forest

By Patricia Ackerman — "...-¡There is the city!  - Where?  - I have seen appear through the branches the dome of the royal palace.  But I..

Nor a woman less

By Patricia Ackerman — One of the procedures of the legitimization of oppressive practices is to reduce subordinated individuals to the category of mere body. Both the..

The orchestra

By Patricia Ackerman — Children musicians within a program of infantile orchestras of the Ministry of Education of Argentina. In the middle of the decade of 1970, on..


By Patricia Ackerman — The water dreams In the literature we can find references of water as a symbol of life (when water flows), like death (in stagnant waters), for..

Light cuts

By Patricia Ackerman — Embedded cities I love to walk in my city discovering other cities that there is in it, how they changed and rotated through their shadows. Cities..
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