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World Nomad Games & Publishing Query
jon michael anzalone
Mar 5, 2018
This September, I am going to Kyrgyzstan for the World Nomad Games. It is the third biennial hosting of this even, which is a tournament of sporting events traditional to Central Asia, including horseback wrestling, eagle hunting, archery, and the infamous "polo-with-a-goat" Buzkashi.

I am posting this as notice that I will be there, and I am seeking an outlet to share this work, either via an interested news site, blog, print media publisher, or photo gallery.

I will not be shooting this as a journalist or sports photographer, but as an art photographer. I shoot in traditional analog format. My work is sensitive and vast. It explores the emotional dimensions of a place with a compositional focus on the relationship between a subject and its environment.

This event will include arena sports, but also an open environment where a nomadic cultural site will be built. I hope to explore these places, interact with participants from around the world, and see the deeper sides of the event. Kyrgyzstan has recently entered the travel/tourist blogosphere, and I am hoping to give you a chance to see and feel beyond the HD Drone footage.

I've attached a link to a recent project I shot in Uzbekistan that exemplifies my style and approach. If you are interested in publishing with me, or if you just want to know more and see what comes of it, send me a message here on Visura.

ORZU BAZAAR - Jon Michael Anzalone Photography
2017 Photo Essay, Uzbekistan


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