Jon Michael Anzalone

September 3rd
Location: New York City
Nationality: Queens
Biography: Analog spiritualist. Crumbling cities and strange places. Jon Michael Anzalone works independently on stories of personal interest and significance, carrying out well-studied, politically mature, and humanist photo essays on obscure topics. His... read on
September 3rd
jon michael anzalone
Aug 5, 2016
It's been a while. It feels likes interminable since I picked up a camera, or since the last project in Armenia. This year has been so overwhelmed with political anxiety and stresses, and I've constantly felt this need to leave and get a break for a few weeks. But every time I planned a destination, I felt this welling of stress and unplanned it.

But now I've got something in the works. It seems so natural now: the location, the idea. And that mist of dreams, inspirations, names of towns and mountains, has started to form.

Some hints in here--but the rest is a secret. Shooting something new next month. We'll see how it goes.

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