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Visura's Product Page & Strategies
Location: New York City
Nationality: Queens
Biography: Analog spiritualist. Crumbling cities and strange places. Jon Michael Anzalone works independently on stories of personal interest and significance, carrying out well-studied, politically mature, and humanist photo essays on obscure topics. His... read on
Visura's Product Page & Strategies
jon michael anzalone
Jan 21, 2016
I've just opened up my site's web store using Visura's new Product Page in the Site Manager.

This has been something I've wrestled with for a while. When you have a lot work to choose from, how do you make it available without having so much that a potential customer doesn't get overwhelmed, or scroll so fast through a block of images that they don't stop to look at anything?

My solution was to create a "Permanent Collection," something of a portfolio for sales, and a smaller "Series," which I will change and rotate on a new theme periodically.

I'm using the "Masonry" layout on the Permanent Collection, since it lets me show more images in less space in an eye-catching way, and the "Clean List" layout on the Series, since it has room to let the images breathe, with a text area to describe the work and how it fits into the curation.

This strategy lets me keep my most sellable images up for sale but also highlight more subtle work. I can create demand for the Series images based on a limited availability timeframe. Not only that, but with a revolving updated series, I will be able to drive traffic to my site and my store with announcements of a new Series collection. This should help me avoid sounding like a broken record putting the same work on blast to the same audience. Hopefully it works out!

Take a look: 

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