Yan Cong

Assignment for Smithsonian Magazine November issue
Location: Beijing
Nationality: China
Biography: Yan Cong (b.1991) is an independent photographer based in Beijing, where she was born and raised. She focuses most of her long-term projects on women’s issues, rural China, and China’s relations with its neighbors.  In 2015, Yan was... read on

By Yan Cong —

Media News

Quarantine Story published in Washington Post

By Yan Cong / beijing — My partner and I returned to Beijing from New York in late March and did a mandatory 14-day quarantine in a..

Logan Nonfiction Fellowship

By Yan Cong / rensselaerville — I'm spending five weeks at Carey Institute to edit my long-term project "Chongli 2022" as a..
Media News Spotlight

Story about food delivery in China on Washington Post A1

By Yan Cong — Read the interactive feature with video from Beimeng Fu, Megumi Li, text from Gerry Shih, here: For..
News Spotlight

"Chongli 2022" exhibited at Indian Photo Festival

By Yan Cong — As part of World Press Photo's 6x6 exhibition at Indian Photo Festival, some photos from my on-going..
Media News

Recent assignments for NYT and Washington Post

By Yan Cong / beijing — I got a rare chance to photograph actress Fan Bingbing, who disappeared for four months last year in a tax..

China's Feminist Movement for RE:PUBLIC

By Yan Cong / Beijing — I did a story about China's feminist movement with writer Amy Hawkins for the Swedish magazine..

Assignments for Grazia France

By Yan Cong / Beijing — Back in March, I did two assignments for magazine Grazia France on the feminist movement in China and live..

Assignment for Topic's "Father Figure" issue

By Yan Cong — My photo story about China's "Xi Dada" is in Topic's "Father Figure" issue..

Recent Assignments for The Washington Post

By Yan Cong — I photographed a few stories for The Washington Post lately. If you haven't read the extremely moving story..

My photo from a Chinese Catholic village is on the front page of today's Washington Post

By Yan Cong — I'm super excited to know that the story made it to the front page. Check out the story and more photos in..

Assignment for the Washington Post

By Yan Cong — Before the ivory ban went into full effect in China, I photographed in a ivory carving workshop on..
Exhibitions News

Project "The Price of Happiness" exhibited at DOK17 in Norway

By Yan Cong — My long-term project, "The Price of Happiness," about the life of Buntha, a Cambodian woman who was..
Awards News

Projects featured by the photo blog "A Photo Editor"

By Yan Cong — I met Jonathan Blaustein at the NYT Portolio Review in April. He mentioned my projects in his blog post "..

New episode on Multimedia Week podcast

By Yan Cong — I recently produced a podcast for Multimedia Week. I sat down with Vietnamese photographer Dat Vu and..

Ruom Hangout at Angkor Photo Festival

By Yan Cong — I had the opportunity to speak about my on-going project on Cambodian brides trafficked to China to a very..

Angkor Photo Festival

By Yan Cong — My on-going project about Cambodian brides trafficked to China was shown at Angkor Photo Festival night..

Nominated for the 2016 Joop Swart Masterclass

By Yan Cong — I'm incredibly honored to announce that I have been nominated for the 2016 Joop Swart Masterclass !
Awards News

Photo featured in South Korean Magazine

By Yan Cong — I was extremely privleged to have been one of the 27 participants of the professional workshop of Angkor..

@eyesonchinaproject on BBC News!

By Yan Cong — As a contributor to the Instagram feed  @eyesonchinaproject , I had the pleasure to speak about this..
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