Yan Cong

Location: Beijing
Nationality: China
Biography: Yan Cong (b.1991) is an independent photographer based in Beijing, where she was born and raised. She focuses most of her long-term projects on women’s issues, rural China, and China’s relations with its neighbors.  In 2015, Yan was... read on
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Project "The Price of Happiness" exhibited at DOK17 in Norway
yan cong
Jun 26, 2017
My long-term project, "The Price of Happiness," about the life of Buntha, a Cambodian woman who was trafficked to China as a bride, was exhibited at DOK17, a documentary photography festival in Fredrikstad, Norway this month.

The project was partially supported by the Fritt Ord Foundation student grant.

By Yan Cong —

Media News

Quarantine Story published in Washington Post

By Yan Cong / beijing — My partner and I returned to Beijing from New York in late March and did a mandatory 14-day quarantine in a..

Logan Nonfiction Fellowship

By Yan Cong / rensselaerville — I'm spending five weeks at Carey Institute to edit my long-term project "Chongli 2022" as a..
Media News Spotlight

Story about food delivery in China on Washington Post A1

By Yan Cong — Read the interactive feature with video from Beimeng Fu, Megumi Li, text from Gerry Shih, here: For..
News Spotlight

"Chongli 2022" exhibited at Indian Photo Festival

By Yan Cong — As part of World Press Photo's 6x6 exhibition at Indian Photo Festival, some photos from my on-going..
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Recent assignments for NYT and Washington Post

By Yan Cong / beijing — I got a rare chance to photograph actress Fan Bingbing, who disappeared for four months last year in a tax..

China's Feminist Movement for RE:PUBLIC

By Yan Cong / Beijing — I did a story about China's feminist movement with writer Amy Hawkins for the Swedish magazine..

Assignments for Grazia France

By Yan Cong / Beijing — Back in March, I did two assignments for magazine Grazia France on the feminist movement in China and live..

Assignment for Topic's "Father Figure" issue

By Yan Cong — My photo story about China's "Xi Dada" is in Topic's "Father Figure" issue..

Recent Assignments for The Washington Post

By Yan Cong — I photographed a few stories for The Washington Post lately. If you haven't read the extremely moving story..

My photo from a Chinese Catholic village is on the front page of today's Washington Post

By Yan Cong — I'm super excited to know that the story made it to the front page. Check out the story and more photos in..

Assignment for the Washington Post

By Yan Cong — Before the ivory ban went into full effect in China, I photographed in a ivory carving workshop on..

Assignment for Smithsonian Magazine November issue

By Yan Cong — I illustrated this story about the new bird flu virus H7N9 for the latest issue of Smithsonian Magazine. Is..
Awards News

Projects featured by the photo blog "A Photo Editor"

By Yan Cong — I met Jonathan Blaustein at the NYT Portolio Review in April. He mentioned my projects in his blog post "..

New episode on Multimedia Week podcast

By Yan Cong — I recently produced a podcast for Multimedia Week. I sat down with Vietnamese photographer Dat Vu and..

Ruom Hangout at Angkor Photo Festival

By Yan Cong — I had the opportunity to speak about my on-going project on Cambodian brides trafficked to China to a very..

Angkor Photo Festival

By Yan Cong — My on-going project about Cambodian brides trafficked to China was shown at Angkor Photo Festival night..

Nominated for the 2016 Joop Swart Masterclass

By Yan Cong — I'm incredibly honored to announce that I have been nominated for the 2016 Joop Swart Masterclass !
Awards News

Photo featured in South Korean Magazine

By Yan Cong — I was extremely privleged to have been one of the 27 participants of the professional workshop of Angkor..

@eyesonchinaproject on BBC News!

By Yan Cong — As a contributor to the Instagram feed  @eyesonchinaproject , I had the pleasure to speak about this..
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