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Location: Los Angeles
Nationality: American
Biography: TISH LAMPERT   BIO: TISH LAMPERT www.tishlampert.org TISH  LAMPERT Originally from New York City, Tish Lampert began her work as a photojournalist in London where she free-lanced for numerous publications and newspapers, including The... read on
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Updated: 03/28/17


The magnificence of the North Pacific is mostly  unspoiled  from British Columbia and down the Pacific Coast. My lens was transfixed by the raw clean power of the sea. The sheer force of a natural waterfall onto slate rock canyons is humbling. The dramatic dance of unpolluted rivers, streams, and waterfalls flow playfully throughout the Canadian Rockies. Yet in spite of this sacred beauty in the Pacific Northwest there is real concern that these commons could become contaminated. Unbridled consumption as well as unregulated fracking, mining and clear cut lumber practices, threatens even the most remote water resources. And the looming peril of global warming and historic draught in California demonstrates that our most treasured natural resource is far too vulnerable. The images in Water – The Driving Force Of Nature, should remind us what we could loose.From the pristine waters of North Pacific to the wild rivers of the Big Sur Coast and open expanse of the Mexican shore, pure water is vanishing and with it life as we know it.  This is the first in a five part series.


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