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Location: Los Angeles
Nationality: American
Biography: TISH LAMPERT   BIO: TISH LAMPERT www.tishlampert.org TISH  LAMPERT Originally from New York City, Tish Lampert began her work as a photojournalist in London where she free-lanced for numerous publications and newspapers, including The... read on
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Updated: 03/22/17
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On vacation, one summer morning, I was in a boutique hotel having coffee and enjoying the view from my fifth floor room. I saw a man pacing on the rooftop opposite the hotel. He stopped and picked up a gallon of orange juice, slugged it  down and peered over the edge of the building. I observed. Then he took off his top, and sat down, dangling his legs over the ledge.  I picked up my camera and snapped off a few shots, framing the subject in contrast to the  urban landscape surrounding him. Then it became clear to me, this man was about to jump off of the building. For the next two and a half hours, I witnessed the events that led to him, finally deciding what his fate would  be.

 I was not certain of the final outcome.  That  night, from the terrace, I surveyed the urban nightscape, alive and in contrast to the day. 

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