Birgit Krippner

Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Nationality: Austrian
Biography: Availabe for assignments in New Zealand and abroad. . Born in Austria, Birgit Krippner has lived in New Zealand since 2003. Her specialty is capturing candid images using only available light. She often works in low... read on
In New Zealand, a Translated ‘Moana’ Bolsters an Indigenous Language
birgit krippner
Sep 19, 2017

On assignment for the New York Times.
Five days ago I received a phone call by the photo editor for the New York Times. He asked me if I could make myself available for an assignment which would start early in the morning the following day. Without hesitation I said yes, booked flights to Auckland, and put this project into reality. I met the writer, Charlotte Graham, who I worked with on the assignment, and who I think is a wonderful and talented person. Today the article got published in the New York Times, using my photographs.

By Birgit Krippner —

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