Birgit Krippner

'I Am You'
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Nationality: Austrian
Biography: Availabe for assignments in New Zealand and abroad. . Born in Austria, Birgit Krippner has lived in New Zealand since 2003. Her specialty is capturing candid images using only available light. She often works in low... read on
'I Am You'
birgit krippner
Sep 26, 2018
I Am You
After today’s getting together with Lori, now I can see this photo project 'Triangles' (the project name might change to ‘I Am You’) coming together.
This is about four people living in New Zealand (a place which I call home), and four people in NYC (another place which I call home). These four and four people I am going to match with each other, though - they’ve never met in ‘real’ life before. I am guided by intuition and instinct, and this evening I found my first matching couple.

Meet Matt, meet Lori, meet Lori holding a photo of Matt. When back in NZ, the missing image is going to be, Matt holding that photo of Lori, and me photographing Matt doing so.

These images were taken with a InstantKon RF rangefinder camera.

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