J. M. Giordano

Location: Washington D.C./Baltimore
Nationality: American
Biography: Joseph M. Giordano  is an award-winning photojournalist based in Baltimore and co-host of the photojournalism podcast, 10 Frames Per Second . His work has been featured in NPR, ProPublica, Al-Jazeera, GQ, Architectural Digest, Taste, The... read on
j. m. giordano
Dec 4, 2017
So humbled/happy/excited to announce that my Uprising outfit is headed to the Newseum permanent collection for exhibit. 🤯🙏More info to come.

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on The Washington Post: Photos of Baltimore's electrifying " and disappearing " nightlife scene

By J. M. Giordano — Perspective | Photos of Baltimore’s electrifying — and disappearing — nightlife scene..
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Cop/Riot coming in September.

By J. M. Giordano / Washington DC — These are excerpts from my upcoming book, Cop/Riot, covering five years of police brutality from the inside..
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The Wound That Doesn't Heal

By J. M. Giordano / Baltimore, MD — My multi-media portraits of activists from the Baltimore Uprising, five years later.  Five years ago,..
Media News

The Fall of Steel in the Washington Post

By J. M. Giordano — The Washington Post has featured my almost two decade long series documenting the collapse of the steel..

My Magnum entry

By J. M. Giordano / Washington D.C. — Dropping one of my three Magnum entries from Picter. For those applying in the future, think storytelling..

Interview with Vox's Kainaz Amaria on #MeToo in Photojournalism

By J. M. Giordano / Washington D.C. — Our photojournalism podcast, 10 Frames Per Second , continues to focus on the  #MeToo  movement..

Q&A with Photoshelter on my work on Baltimore Homicides

By J. M. Giordano / Baltimore — Photographing Baltimore's Murderous Summer - PhotoShelter Blog Photojournalist and photo editor J.M...

My work on Baltimore Homicides in The Guardian

By J. M. Giordano / Baltimore — Check out the spread in The Guardian for my work covering Baltimore homicides since 2013.    ..

All For Thee This Day continues

By J. M. Giordano / ohio valley — New images from my trip to the Ohio Valley where I'm continuing my series on the fall of American..

Wall Street Journal portrait

By J. M. Giordano — Big thanks to WSJ for the work!  Why the Dodd-Frank Rollback Has Some Small Banks Yawning Smaller banks..

March For Our Lives

By J. M. Giordano — AMAZING day in DC for @sopa_images yesterday. The #marchforourlives march attracted a million people. I..

New Episode of 10 Frames Per Second

By J. M. Giordano — Our new podcast, 10 Frames Per Second has dropped! Check out the new ep with veteran war photog Eros..
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