J. M. Giordano

Location: Washington D.C./Baltimore
Nationality: American
Biography: Joseph M. Giordano  is an award-winning photojournalist based in Baltimore and co-host of the photojournalism podcast, 10 Frames Per Second . His work has been featured in NPR, ProPublica, Al-Jazeera, GQ, Architectural Digest, Taste, The... read on
My Magnum entry
j. m. giordano
Feb 10, 2019
Location: Washington D.C.
Dropping one of my three Magnum entries from Picter. For those applying in the future, think storytelling over single image. take your time and EDIT.


Also by J. M. Giordano —

Media News

on The Washington Post: Photos of Baltimore's electrifying " and disappearing " nightlife scene

By J. M. Giordano — Perspective | Photos of Baltimore’s electrifying — and disappearing — nightlife scene..
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Cop/Riot coming in September.

By J. M. Giordano / Washington DC — These are excerpts from my upcoming book, Cop/Riot, covering five years of police brutality from the inside..
Events News

The Wound That Doesn't Heal

By J. M. Giordano / Baltimore, MD — My multi-media portraits of activists from the Baltimore Uprising, five years later.  Five years ago,..
Media News

The Fall of Steel in the Washington Post

By J. M. Giordano — The Washington Post has featured my almost two decade long series documenting the collapse of the steel..

Interview with Vox's Kainaz Amaria on #MeToo in Photojournalism

By J. M. Giordano / Washington D.C. — Our photojournalism podcast, 10 Frames Per Second , continues to focus on the  #MeToo  movement..

Q&A with Photoshelter on my work on Baltimore Homicides

By J. M. Giordano / Baltimore — Photographing Baltimore's Murderous Summer - PhotoShelter Blog Photojournalist and photo editor J.M...

My work on Baltimore Homicides in The Guardian

By J. M. Giordano / Baltimore — Check out the spread in The Guardian for my work covering Baltimore homicides since 2013.    ..

All For Thee This Day continues

By J. M. Giordano / ohio valley — New images from my trip to the Ohio Valley where I'm continuing my series on the fall of American..

Wall Street Journal portrait

By J. M. Giordano — Big thanks to WSJ for the work!  Why the Dodd-Frank Rollback Has Some Small Banks Yawning Smaller banks..

March For Our Lives

By J. M. Giordano — AMAZING day in DC for @sopa_images yesterday. The #marchforourlives march attracted a million people. I..


By J. M. Giordano — So humbled/happy/excited to announce that my Uprising outfit is headed to the Newseum permanent collection..

New Episode of 10 Frames Per Second

By J. M. Giordano — Our new podcast, 10 Frames Per Second has dropped! Check out the new ep with veteran war photog Eros..
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