Guille Ibanez

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Location: Manchester
Nationality: Spain
Biography: Born in Madrid (1977) but drawn to Manchester, where he now lives, Guille Ibanez (1977) is a photographer whose work focuses on culture, tradition and human interaction. Originally trained as a cinematographer, he still combines professional film... read on
Public Story
Tierra Santa
Credits: guille ibanez
Date of Work: 06/03/15 - Ongoing
Updated: 02/06/19
Location: espaƱa

'It's been 15 years now that I've been living outside of my home country'

This is the thought that came to me a couple of years ago and pushed me to start travelling around Spain, through its cities, towns, and squares. Photography as the perfect excuse and means to reengage with my fellow countrymen, establish affectionate links and try to find an answer to the question:

What's left in me of my own country?

Through this ongoing process I have re-discovered a place full of contrast and marked dualities: brutal and charming, wild and civilized, empty and full, and always excessive.

A dual country. Just like me.


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