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based in Brooklyn, NY FotoEvidence Press portfolio on Visura - a professional network to connect with photo editors and art buyers, and build photography portfolio websites. Visura members, like FotoEvidence, share photojournalism, art photography, landscape, travel photography, portraits and more. FotoEvidence has 0 stories, community news posts, and 3 images shared in the photo stream.

FotoEvidence 178 Frost Street Brooklyn, New York 11211 For questions about FotoEvidence: For questions about the FotoEvidence Book Award: For Media Inquiries, contact:... read on

OF NOTE Magazine


Jane Yeomans

Photo Editor
Bloomberg Businessweek 

Lindsay Blatt

Director of Film and Photography

Rebecca Conway

South Asia Photo Editor

Mark Murrmann

Photo Editor
Mother Jones 

Diana Suryakusuma

Photo Editor
Bloomberg Businessweek 

Houston Center For Photography


World Photography Organization (WPO)

The World Photography Organisation is a global platform for photography initiatives.

Genevieve Fussell

Senior Photo Editor
The New Yorker 

Kiana Hayeri

Kabul, Afghanistan 

Michelle Frankfurter

Takoma Park, MD 
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