Valérie Berta

Location: Columbia, MO, U.S.
Nationality: American, French
Biography: Valérie Berta is an international photographer based in the United States. She was born and raised on the Riviera, in the South of France, studied English in Paris and journalism at the University of Missouri­Columbia and worked as a... read on
Bring it on.
valérie berta
Mar 17, 2017
March 17, 2017, Columbia (Missouri.)

There are so many fires to put out, day after day, that is is hard to find time to do anything else. Call that rep, sign that petition, organize that meeting, work on that project, I forgot the milk, that’s what I went to the store for, manage freelance work, did I forget that appointment?, write letters to city officials because this is urgent, lives are at stake!, work, work, work to grow that business, feed the hens, sit down to eat, put out that next fire, breathe, enjoy the moment, love.

By Valérie Berta —


The WE project exhibit is on.

By Valérie Berta — Who WE Are, or the WE project, a series of multimedia portraits of people belonging to marginalized communities in Missouri, is now on public..

The Voices workshop is here!

By Valérie Berta — The Voices photo workshop introduces minority children to documentary visual story-telling through the practice of photography and an introduction..

The We Project

By Valérie Berta — The We Project is a series of studio portraits of people in marginalized comunities in Columbia, Missouri: the African-American, LBGTQ and immigrant..


By Valérie Berta — July 3, 2017, Saint-Ismier (France.) It is a summer of wide traveling, and I revel in my good fortune, and dwell in my silent wounds, that stubborn..

Group shot.

By Valérie Berta — May 24, 2017, Columbia. This is our school. It's a rainbow. They asked me to take a picture. I could not resist a roof. I'm glad I did it. This is..


By Valérie Berta — April 23, 2017, House Springs (Missouri.) Zaia, circus artist from Mongolia, in her trailer before shows (Kelly Miller Circus.)


By Valérie Berta — April 18, 2017, Columbia (Missouri.) There, laid bare. They do that, now. Sometimes. I photograph them, if they’ll let me. There, that’s it...

Hard velvet.

By Valérie Berta — April 7, 2017, Mountain Home (Arkansas.) Nothing beats the beauty of the southern Missouri hills in the late afternoon light of an early spring...

It's crazy like that.

By Valérie Berta — March 29, 2017, Hope (Arkansas.) Photography is crazy like that. The trees did not look like that. The light was interesting, but it came to life..


By Valérie Berta — March 29, 2017, Hope (Arkansas.)

The sand castle.

By Valérie Berta — March 28, 2017, Ashdown (Arkansas.) We’re going to make a sand castle, he said. I was walking to town when I saw them. An older man and a little..

My sister's house.

By Valérie Berta — March 26, 2017, Caddo Mills (Texas.) I’m on the road again. A milestone birthday with family, Nicolas turns ten this week; the two digits, the..

In my backyard.

By Valérie Berta — February 24, 2017, Columbia (Missouri.) I find writing comforting, difficult, necessary. I write in my mind, every day. My backyard is a war zone...


By Valérie Berta — February 19, 2017, Columbia (Missouri.) A warm winter day in the park. Kids and kid guns. Plenty.

The light.

By Valérie Berta — February 1, 2017, Columbia (Missouri.) There is the darkness all engulfing. And there is the light. That morning it was in the sky, out of the..

Women's March.

By Valérie Berta — Columbia, Missouri, January 21, 2017. I marched with my family today in Columbia, my community, because I am a woman, because I am married to an..

Farewell to my president.

By Valérie Berta — January 11, 2017, Columbia (Missouri.)

The milk.

By Valérie Berta — January 6, 2017, Columbia (Missouri.) The diminutive waves on the surface of the milk when it is heating up. Their undulation. The folds as if of..

That picture.

By Valérie Berta — December 19, 2016, Columbia (Missouri.) That picture. The bravery of that AP photographer. The poise. The white walls, the black suit, the art on..

Just starting.

By Valérie Berta — Just starting. December 7, 2016, Columbia (Missouri.) In a moment of rare quiet solitude this morning I was reading a New Yorker profile of Pedro..

Almost fifty.

By Valérie Berta — November 26, 2016, Columbia (Missouri.) I’m almost fifty. It doesn’t matter much to anybody but me. I’ll still get up in the morning and make..


By Valérie Berta — October 27, 2016, Columbia (Missouri.) It’s Halloween. It’s almost Halloween, three days left, and the kids made costumes from scratch, I..

Through a camera.

By Valérie Berta — October 24, 2016, Columbia (Missouri.) The girls were playing in the neighbor’s yard, all the girls, the ones from the neighbor in the back and..


By Valérie Berta — October 20, 2016, Columbia (Missouri.) I celebrate the little things, and rejoice in them. This is what I wanted to write about tonight. The..
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