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A non-profit educational platform and annual competition organised by FOTEA to showcase and nurture photographic talent
Photography and Visual Literacy for Active Citizenship
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Biography: We promote the best of today’s photojournalism and documentary photography in Uganda and East Africa. We exist to support visual literacy and to encourage a new generation of photographers by focusing on photographic education through our... MORE
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Photography and Visual Literacy for Active Citizenship
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Updated Sep 2020
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Highlights from our ongoing project “Photography and Visual Literacy for Active Citizenship” (PVLAC). The programme offers augmented training in photography basics and advanced technical skills, weaves in essential topics such as representation and visual literacy, and introduces students to the key ideas which form the basis of contemporary debate, as well as techniques for conscience photography. Currently we are collaborating with Department of Journalism and Communication, Makerere University in Kampala and are supported by Culture At Work Africa.

For visuals stories created by our students during basic photography workshop, head to our Instagram
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