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Location: São Paulo
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Tommaso Rada is an Italian photographer currently living in the north of Portugal. He attended several workshops taught by Alexandra Boulat and Gary Knight, Franco Pagetti, Jan Grarup. His works has been published in several magazines and... read on
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The Latest
Credits: tommaso rada
Updated: 10/12/16
Location: Portugal
The latest

“The Latest” is journey in the lower Portuguese social class, the struggle that 3millions of Portuguese live every day, the 30% of Portuguese populationconsidered poor. Several of these people cannot find a job, which is so lucky veryoften receive a salary under 400 euros per month. Very often these families livein decadent houses or in garages sometime without electricity other timewithout water. The problems began before the economical crisis and then theygot worst: the salaries were cut; the state helps reduced or disappeared. The lackof instruction of some member of the families, the impossibility to find a job, theterrible condition of life are the signs of a system that failed, then the economicalcrisis and the laws done to solve it were just the lethal blow. When there was anymore hope an NGO (Habita for Humanity Portugal) proposed to several families to build a proper house, thefamilies would pay just the materials and would help in the construction. Thisnew houses doesn’t solve all their problems, but for sure they assure bettercondition of life and a hope that things can change.


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