Tiana Markova-Gold

Fondation des Jeunes Haitiennes Optimistes
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Nationality: American
Biography:   Tiana Markova-Gold is a freelance documentary photographer based in Miami, Florida and Brooklyn, New York.  She received a New York Times Scholarship to attend the full-time Photojournalism Program at the International Center of... read on
Public Story
Fondation des Jeunes Haitiennes Optimistes
The Fondation des Jeunes Haitiennes Optimistes was founded in September 2009 by Jocelyne Firmin to help Haitian girls develop leadership skills, build self-esteem and reinforce their human dignity. The FJHO also provides counseling, financial support and job opportunities for its members.

For more information visit www.fjho.blogspot.com

All photographs were taken in January 2010.
The text is transcribed from an
interview with Jocelyne Firmin.

By Tiana Markova-Gold —

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