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Location: Porto
Nationality: Portuguese
Biography: I have dedicated a significant part of  my life to photojournalism and documentary photography. You can see some of my work published on  CNN and other photoblogs. This fact made me enjoy photographing people. So, I quickly started... read on
Public Story
Credits: teresa teixeira
Date of Work: 07/04/19 - 07/05/19
Updated: 07/05/19
Location: Porto
These photographs were taken during an event: the 14th Anniversary of "Mundo a Sorrir".
Mundo a Sorrir"  is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), established in July 2005 in OPorto, to promote better conditions in areas such as Health, Oral Health and healthy life styles near the populations living in a situation of social economical vulnerability. It is developping several successful projects in Portugal and Africa.  

A Mundo A Sorrir é uma Organização Não Governamental (ONG), fundada em julho de 2005 no Porto, para trabalhar nas áreas da Saúde, Saúde Oral e Estilos de Vida Saudável junto das populações em situação de vulnerabilidade socioeconómica.


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