Sara White

Location: Lancaster
Nationality: American
Biography: Sara White is originally from Baltimore, MD but currently resides in Lancaster, PA where she attends the Pennsylvania College of Art & Deisgn to obtain her BFA in Photography. Her work aims to cause a reaction within the viewer; whether it be... read on
Another's Words
sara white
Mar 11, 2018
While working on my Senior Thesis it has been recommended to me that I should look at poetry and maybe consider using it or writing some to accompany my work. It's not that I dislike poetry but it isn't my first choice. However, a teacher of mine loaned me his copy of Ophelia Wears Black by Segovia Amil and I have been slowly making my way through the book. A few poems have already struck a chord with me to my surprise. This one in particular has stuck with me.

The Whisper.

Something whispered.
I reached my hand to it…
As it seemed nothing was alive there, but a chill,
An unforgettable nothingness.
Yet I suspended my disbelief.
I offered my body to the unknown, to fear,
To the mysterious blindness –
And it was then, and only then,
I found magic,
            Moving in the underground


By Sara White —


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