Steven Edson

Documentary Photographer
Art of the Automobile
Location: Boston, Ma
Nationality: USA
Biography: As a documentary photographer working on personal as well as client projects, I enjoy collaborating with print and digital creatives to help tell the vital stories about the relationships of people to people, places and objects. It never ceases to... read on
Public Story
Art of the Automobile
Credits: steven edson
Updated: 10/29/19
Location: Boston, MA
This series of photographs hilight American and European cars and the beautiful detail that went into the golden period of classic automotive design starting in the 1930's thru the early 1960's.  Although this series does not change the world or hilight the social wrongs of the world, it does look closely at a major influencer, which has profoundly impacted much of the world today. Easy, accessable and popular modes of transportation for the masses is what Henry Ford had accomplished in 1908 with his first production of the Model T, a modern conveyance that would profoundly impact the landscape of the 20th century. In between the 1930's thru 1960's, car manufacturers continued to tweak and improve cars, creating styles and detailing which corresponded to people's desires to explore space and rural frontiers. The organization and building of the American interstate hiway system was a direct result of this need. The continued demand for speed, functionality and safety is still going strong with the current models including the small production of high end European luxury performance and race cars. There is another world of after market car fabricators who are creating innovative body styling for hot rods and muscle cars as well as car manufacturers and hitech company's who are building the next generation of driverless vehicles.

By Steven Edson —


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