Steven Edson

Documentary Photographer
Location: Boston, Ma
Nationality: USA
Biography: As a documentary photographer working on personal as well as client projects, I enjoy collaborating with print and digital creatives to help tell the vital stories about the relationships of people to people, places and objects. It never ceases to... read on
Events News
Image chosen for WILD exhibition
steven edson
Mar 6, 2020
"Six photographs serve as the glue that holds the show together. Photographer Steven Edson presents a photograph of a man with a wolf pelt wrapped around his shoulders. The man’s arms are covered in tattoos and the fur still holds its shine. The wolf’s face is flattened and elongated in the way common with such pelts. The wolf no longer has its eyes. The photograph is bathed in late-afternoon light, tinging the man’s arms and the wolf's fur with an almost supernatural gold".......this balance that both Edson and Wing Na Wong capture is what makes them the most striking works in the show. The ways we manipulate the bodies of other animals, as we do with the elements, in order to make a beauty we find captivating is an age-old habit we confront over and over again. Written by J.M. Belmont

Eco-art is en vogue. The renaissance of the form has cropped up in conjunction with

By Steven Edson —


May You Touch the Stars

By Steven Edson — Steve Edson wishes all the visual story tellers and visiting photo editors in Visura for a happy and..
Events News

Remnants of War selected for NE Collective X-

By Steven Edson / Gallatea Fine Arts 460 Harrison Ave # B6, Boston, MA 02118 — Another image, 'Remnants of War' from my series, Altered Reality was selected to appear at the NE..
Events News

'Remnants of War' selected for Davis Orton Gallery

By Steven Edson / Davis Orton Gallery 114 Warren Street Hudson, NY. — Pleased to announce that my photograph, 'Remnants of War' from my series Altered Realities was..

Road Paint in Create Magazine

By Steven Edson — Create Magazine has selected several images from my 'Road Paint' series for their upcoming print..

MOPLA: Analogue Portrait Project Opens

By Steven Edson — Happy to have 2 images in this show. Both images are from my 1970's B+W series  'An American..

2 Photographs selected for MOPLA/ Analog Portrait Project

By Steven Edson — Steven Edson has 2 pieces selected to be included in the upcoming April show at the Month of Photography in..

Winner for County Fair Series-12th Pollux Awards

By Steven Edson — Documentary photographer, Steven Edson has been chosen as the Winner in the Pro Section of the 'Culture..

Steven Edson Car Details wins Gold at Graphis Photography Annual 2017

By Steven Edson — Happy to announce that my work was selected as a Gold Medal winner in the recently announced Graphis..
Awards News

Robert Manning Prize awarded to Steven Edson

By Steven Edson — Steven Edson won the Robert Manning prize at the Arts Connect juried exhibition currently showing at..

Fah Thai Magazine Spread

By Steven Edson — Fah Thai Magazine, Thai Airways travel magazine hilighted my work in a 2 page spread using an image that I..

Interview and article on my 'Road Paint' and 'Car Details' series

By Steven Edson — F11 Magazine located in Auckland, NZ has recently published an article on 2 of my series of images "Road..
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