Kanishka Sonthalia

A visual log of thoughts, works in progress and completed works. Documentary Photographer
Location: Mumbai, India
Nationality: Indian
Biography: Kanishka Sonthalia (b. 1990) is an independent documentary photographer currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Her current project, A Visceral Sense, is based on the idea of dignity in birth and empowers non-traditional black families through... read on
Public Story
Credits: kanishka sonthalia
Date of Work: 01/02/17 - Ongoing
Updated: 01/18/19
A remote village tucked in the Himalayas in India called Choj takes us into the lives of Phagnu, a native from the village, Chotulal, a Nepali immigrant and their estranged relationship.

The directors of Outsider; Siddesh Shetty and I have recently been invited to attend
Dhaka Doc, a pitching and mentoring platform for documentary filmmakers held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The film has also won a grant by FAMU International, Prague, Czech Republic and is scheduled to be completed by mid-2020.

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