• Sylvia de Swaan

    Art & Documentary Photographer
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  • Location: Utica, New York
    Nationality: Romanian Born/Now Ukraine
    Biography:       I’m a Romanian born art and documentary photographer who works on several long-term projects concurrently, often informed or influenced by world events. Thus my longest running work, "Return," currently titled, "Narratives:... read on


Fallen Icons, Utica, ©Sylvia de Swaan 2018, featured on the cover of https://darkwood.atavist.com/, issue #2 "Gods & Godesses

Instant replay  on iphone, of Alex & Carl's wedding in the chapel at Hamilton College  23 JUne 2018 ©Sylvia de Swaan

Love in the trash, Utica, NY  15 May 2018

Joe & Brittany, May Day, Utica, NY  1 May 2018

March for Our Lives, Utica, NY 24 March 2018 ©Sylvia de Swaan
Statue of Liberty on Memorial Parkway, Utica, NY ©Sylvia de Swaan 
Back from the Women's march at Seneca Falls, NY, 20 January 18
"The Baltic Express," diptych from my early travels through Eastern Europe, newly formatted as a postcard for the gift store at the MWP Museum in Utica, NY
My grandparents, David and Fanny Strum, were deported to Siberia during the war. I brought their photos with me on my first travel to Russian to keep them in mind ©Sylvia de Swaan
The Wedding Guests, Cluj-Napoca, Romania 1994
Mardi Gras Indians, New Orleans, LA, 15 March 2015 ©Sylvia de Swaan
For Our Nation For Us All, May 2017 ©Sylvia de Swaan
Plaster Deer, Clinton, NY, September 2017
Halloween Tableaux, Old Burrstone Road, Utica, NY, October 23, 2017
The War Game #2 - 2013 in Czernowitz/Chernivttsi ©Sylvia de Swaan
Sunset Avenue, Utica, NY, June 2017 ©Sylvia de Swaan

Glory Monument  for the Victory of the USSR in WWII, Lviv, Ukraine 2016

Glory Monument  for the Victory of the USSR in WWII, Lviv, Ukraine 2016 

Mother Russia, Soviet era monuments in Ukraine 2016

Missile, Missile, Soviet era monuments in Ukraine 2016

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