Sara Swaty

Location: Los Angeles
Nationality: American
Biography: Sara Swaty is a Los Angeles based people and portrait photographer with a BFA in Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology. Her work explores identity, gender, and race.  At the Eddie Adams Workshop in 2015, Sara was awarded the... read on

#handadventures is a long term visual diary that explores light, color, and gesture.   The hand acts as a canvas, an extension of self that communicates emotions through gesture and environment.  #handadventures serve as both a journal and personal meditation; they are reminders to breathe



By Sara Swaty —


Hayley to Harrison

By Sara Swaty — When we first met at a St. Louis high school in 2006, Harrison was still Hayley. Years later, I learned he was transitioning from female to male...

Fragments of Ferguson

By Sara Swaty — Fragments of Ferguson  A series of individual stories told in pictures and words, exploring the real lives behind the public conversation..

In Between & Outside II

By Sara Swaty — The idea of gender and its associated roles, responsibilities, and expectations has fascinated me for years. Mainstream culture and society..

Hayley to Harrison: One Year

By Sara Swaty — Hayley to  Harrison : In Transition   Harrison  was still Hayley when we first met in a St. Louis high school  in 2006. I..


By Sara Swaty — I lie on the table that I haven't rested my head on for many years, the familiar smell of rubbing alcohol and the sounds of needles popping out of..
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