Sabrina Merolla

Photographer, Multimedia Storyteller, Sinologist (PhD)
Location: London
Nationality: Italian
Biography:             Photographer, multimedia story-teller and sinologist longly living between China and Italy.  Her previous projects have mainly focused on contemporary China and its multifaceted identities and... MORE
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My Blue Days with F.: a Photographer's Raw, Autobiographical Diary about Fibromyalgia and MCS
sabrina merolla
Jun 6, 2016
"It was self-therapy at first, but over time, it became a journey through the issues connected to disability, seen from the inside and the outside.

I wanted to question: how can we accept ourselves again, if our society constantly makes us feel weak and wrong?

In China, the disease was dismissed outright. But back in Italy, my syndrome was never taken too seriously either. Even here, I still meet doctors who assume that fibromyalgia does not exist.

Like any other disability, fibromyalgia brings loneliness. But breaking thorough the isolating bubble surrounding it can open the way to a life still worth living.

I started doing it my own way: through photography, to give voice to my own and similar stories..."

You can read the full feature here
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sabrina merolla
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sabrina merolla
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My Blue Days with F.: a Photographer's Raw, Autobiographical Diary about Fibromyalgia and MCS  by sabrina merolla
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