Ruben Reyes

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Location: Mexico City
Nationality: Mexican - US
Biography: Ruben E. Reyes (México D.F., 1979) is a Mexico City based photographer specialized in documentary photography. In 2008 he obtained a graduate degree from the International Center of Photography from the documentary/photojournalism program.... read on
Public Project
Mientras Dormia
Credits: rubén e. reyes
Date of Work: 08/01/12 - 08/14/12
Updated: 11/29/18
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Mientras Dormía (While I Slept)

Last summer, my mother had a rupture in her esophagus and suffered a life threatening infection between her heart and her lung, alongside with her lung collapsing. Thankfully she was at the hospital for a different procedure when they realized this had happened and they were able to operate immediately, but she teetered between life and death for a couple of weeks. She was induced into a coma and connected to more machines and tubes than any human should. This was a traumatic experience for my mother and our family, as she was in the hospital for about 6 weeks.

This project is based on a journey of dreams and memories that my mother went through while she was in the hospital.


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