Robb Hill

Location: Washington DC
Nationality: American
Biography:     When I was 11 years old I won a red ribbon at the Indiana State Fair in photography. It was for a series of photos I took of our cats. My family went to Michigan that summer for vacation, I didn’t find out about the prize... read on
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Narrative Landscape - Santa Fe
Credits: robb hill
Updated: 12/10/18
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Robb Hill wants you to expand your notion of landscape photography. To this end, his workshop combines landscape and documentary traditions, and challenges you as a photographer to make a series of photographs with an emotional narrative at its core.

Robb asks you to consider two soul-searching questions: "Who am I in this landscape?” and “Why is it important to me?" We answer these questions by photographing emotively, editing rationally, and developing a method of storytelling Robb calls creative nonfiction.

Through discussion, individual and group critiques, and examining the best work from both photographic traditions, Robb helps you push past the literal to photograph with instinct and an educated eye. He also works with you to develop a post-processing method that supports your personal vision.

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