Salwa Rashad

Visual Artist,Photographer
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Location: Egypt, Alexandria
Nationality: Egyptian
Biography: Born in Alexandria, Egypt . Graduated from Fine Arts, painting department . practise painting and photography. co editor of the non periodical Arabic publication " Amkenah "/ " places " which is concerned with the poetic of the... read on
Public Project
Land Of The Black Soil
Credits: salwa rashad
Date of Work: 03/07/02 - Ongoing
Updated: 10/04/18
Since ancient times Agriculture in Egypt has always been the backbone of Egyptian civilisation that grew on the Nile river, which contained life on its both banks. Agriculture in ancient Egypt considered a holy task associated with Egyptian gods and goddesses of agriculture, harvest, flood, moon. Agriculture was the main element in establishing the Egyptian civilisation with sciences, industries, inventions like basin irrigation system, adopting the lunar calendar, inventing instruments from plough, sickle, and shadoof . But with changes and transformations happening inside and out side Egypt since the 19th century, it substituted  the priorities of country's income resources, made society tends to be more consuming, and investments took the leading role. Farmlands turned into 18 store building and others used for Soil erosion or having other plans for the land or demanding certain crops and banning others changing the structure of agriculture. Here in photography i tend to document the peasants and farming changing life in Egypt .

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