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Hell of different
Nationality: italian
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Hell of different
Credits: carolina paltrinieri
Date of Work: 05/01/18 - Ongoing
Updated: 02/20/19
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In this country of the hinterland of Eastern Africa which stands at 163° place on 188 in terms of human development cases of cognitive disabilities and physics,
according to official estimates, concern the 10% of the population.
For the absence of the term disabled in the official language and the lack of information at the level of health, a child who is born affected by disability is presumed
struck by a curse that, in ancestral culture and traditional is transmitted on commission by the figure of the Witch Craft.The witch doctor is the figure antithetical of
Witch Craft, is the one who chases away the evil one as opposed to the one who invokes him.
The lack of knowledge toward these physical and mental problems and the fear of the dark leads people to believe in the devil and the superstition.The birth of a
child with a disability thus generate a feeling of marginalisation, shame and humiliation.The same birth is the result of a curse that must be expelled with ancestral
methods. Both the witch doctor that the Witch Craft live outside the Community, in the deep meanders of nature, among the forests of bananas, almost to evoke from
the very nature of the spirit and the methods of curse and healing, as demonstrated by the extensive use of herbs, animal horns and snails.The witch doctor attracts
many children and adults who are brought to or come spontaneously in these places pagans to exorcise the devil and sins.In adults the most used method to purify
themselves is induction vomiting, while on children are practiced incisions directly on malformations or bound pieces of cloth on the naked body of these creatures
that are then abandoned in the hands of the preachers for months.
In addition to the fear of the dark and a culture of ancestral rooted by centuries of popular beliefs, despair, due to a widespread ignorance even in the minimum
medical notions pushes families to travel from these preachers.
In Uganda there are no answers from the scientific community, nor diagnostics.
Suffice it to say that according to the data of WHO every 10,000 inhabitants the number of doctors is 1.7 while for nurses and midwives stirred around 13. The few
therapies and orders are made in English by doctors and families are unable to interpret them correctly.
Both parents taught that not, at the umpteenth "no response" from part of medicine to disability of children begin to believe in the dark and in the curses to confide in
a possible cure.
Children spend months in agony in the woods of bananas, outside the house of a witch doctor. Do not eat, worsen day by day, and are covered with insect bites,
nudes, with laces of cloth bound on the body, a torment mental and physical.
In Uganda today there is a bed in hospital for every 689 people, and as long as there will not be a health care adequate it will be difficult to eradicate from the
traditional culture these atavistic figures and the fear of the dark.


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