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We are Native. Visual storytellers from under-represented regions.


While the journalism and documentary industry struggle with issues of diversity and representation,  Native wants to change visual journalism to be representative of diverse talent from across the globe.

We connect emerging journalists, documentary makers and visual storytellers from underrepresented regions and communities with major publications and introduce them to a global audience. We aspire to do so by creating a go-to platform of visibility through which we highlight and mentor visual journalists, in addition to fostering education in these regions. 

As part of our core activities are 2-year mentorship programmes organized with Everyday Projects and the organization of regional festivals and workshops all geared towards informing and nurturing photographers and help them navigate the documentary industry. 

Our goal is to help change the industry and transform it into one that better reflects the diversity of the world as well as the people whose stories we document. 

We are Native people. 
Visual Storytellers from under-represented regions. 

Management team:
Laura Beltrán Villamizar - Founder & head of photography
Emree Weaver - assistant editor
Laura Bogaerts - press officer
Jistke Nap - community manager

Let's talk! 
If you're an editor or creative director looking for photographers or if you're a photographer looking for advice, check how we could help you in your endeavors or use the form below and ask away!  

Press & Media
For all press-related inquiries please reach out to our press officer Laura Bogaerts at