Richard Le Manz

Photographer / artist
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Location: Spain
Nationality: Spain
Biography: Richard Le Manz is a Spanish photographer; whose work revolves around telling real and imaginary stories. Real ones, weaving stories of the most extraordinary places, cultures and sceneries; and imaginary, using photography to explore and look... read on
Public Story
Credits: richard le manz
Date of Work: 04/22/18 - Ongoing
Updated: 06/21/19

The incredible and unique scenery of the Namib desert in Namibia envelops you in its changing and suggestive forms. Endless lines and curves of a simply evocative beauty. Sceneries where the man has not stepped foot and which present themselves as oneiric, surrealist and hostile at the same time.

Dunas. El paisaje onírico.

Los increíbles y únicos paisajes del desierto de Namib en Namibia, te envuelven en sus formas cambiantes y sugerentes.

Líneas y curvas interminables de una belleza simplemente evocadora. Paisajes donde no está presente la huella del hombre y que se presentan como oníricos, surrealistas y hostiles a la vez.

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