Edwin Tse

Beyond the fence line
Location: New York, NY
Nationality: Canadian
Biography: Photographer Edwin Tse specializes in shooting fashion, portraits, and landscapes for both editorial and advertising clients. He also undertakes specific photographic projects that have a focus on humanitarian and social issues. Originally from... read on
"Beyond the fence line" is a story about the relationship between the large petrochemical industry and the poor and impoverished people who live in close proximity to petrochemical plants, oil refineries, and chemical plants of Southern Louisiana. This 85-mile stretch located in southern Lousiana between Baton Rouge and New Orleans has been dubbed "Cancer Alley" an area home to over 750,000 people who share it with close to 150 chemical and industrial plants. This stretch of land is known to be a strategic location for shipping down the Mississippi River out through the Port of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Residents in this area often are poor and impoverished African Americans, with high rates of unemployment and lower access to health and medical care. They have been affected by higher incidents of cancer, miscarriages and, respiratory-related illness such as chronic coughing and asthma. Lousiana has the second highest rate of cancer in the United States.