Joseph Rodriguez

Location: New York
Nationality: American
Biography: As a documentary photographer for over 25 years, my point of view has been to work slowly when it is possible. The domestic landscape of America has been my interest for the past two decades. Today I continue to work within the social documentary... read on
joseph rodriguez
Oct 12, 2018
By Martha T. Moore

How to get Joseph Rodriguez, a documentary photographer famous for his intimate portraits of communities, to be your mentor: Be hungry and do the work.

“If you do the work, you are part of the family,’’ photographer Rian Dundon remembers Rodriguez telling him when Dundon was a student in Rodriguez’ class at New York University.  “He really showed us what it took to do this kind of work, and also that it was possible, that it was reachable regardless of who you were and where you were coming from.’’

 The Lessons and Influence of Great Photography Teachers: Joseph Rodriguez | PDN Online
Mentoring documentary photographers pursuing long-term projects is Rodriguez's way of passing on the support he got as a young photographer.

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