J. M. Giordano

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Location: Washington D.C./Baltimore
Nationality: American
Biography: J.M. Giordano is an award-winning photojournalist based in Baltimore and co-host of the photojournalism podcast, 10 Frames Per Second . His work has been featured in Playboy, GQ, The Observer New Reivew Sunday Magazine, The Guardian, The... read on
Public Story
All for Thee This Day: The Fall of American Steel
Credits: j. m. giordano
Date of Work: 03/01/06 - Ongoing
Updated: 01/18/19
With my series,  All for Thee This Day: The Fall of American Steel, I've been documenting the fall of Sparrow's Point as a steel town for over a decade. The people are tied to the landscape and the landscape tied to steel for over a century. With Trump's new tariffs, something Bush tried in 2002 to disastrous results, I've started to revisit the town and it's residents and retirees. This series is unpublished. 
"These are they who build thy houses, weave thy raiment, win thy wheat, smooth the rugged, fill the barren, turn bitter to sweet. All for thee this day? and ever. What reward for them is meet?"-Morris, March of the Workers

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