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Announcing $25,000 in grants to empower photographers by supporting the production and development of their work, vision and career.
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2016 FotoVisura Grant

Outstanding Personal Project

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2015 FotoVisura Grant

Outstanding Personal Project

2015 FotoVisura Grant

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The 2016 Visura Multimedia Grant recognizes and provides support to media producers and documentarians. Visura awards one winner with a $5000.00 cash prize.

The Grant has a three-tiered mission: 1) recognize professional individuals for their multimedia video projects, stories, and dedication; 2) support a multimedia video project that brings awareness to a socio-cultural and/or political cause relevant to today’s world; 3) get the media producers' and documentarians' projects in front of key industry editors.

Visura will be accepting submissions from Thursday, April 14th, 2016 until Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 at 11:59pm EST.

Former Grant Winner: Annie Flannagan

Preparation Material

Application Procedure

How to submit:
All submissions are made via a “Project” created from your Visura dashboard or site manager.
Video: Embed from Vimeo or YouTube
Steps to embedding a video:
* Create a project by uploading the video poster (JPG)
* In the Photo/Video section, click "Add Embedded Media"
* Paste your embed code
* Add submission text as "Project Text"

Who can submit:
Individuals worldwide, who have worked on or are working on a multimedia and/or video project that has not been published in a major media outlet. (All Applicants must have an active PLUS, PRIME or GUILD membership to submit for consideration.)

What to submit:
Each entry consists of a multimedia video, a short synopsis and a long written reflection about the project.

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