Alejandro Granadillo

The Day the Earth Didn't Stood Still
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Nationality: Venezuelan
Biography: I consider myself as a documentalist. On my beginning I worked with stills images and after a while I started making my way on videography as a complementary tool to get a wider range of what I see. During these years I've worked as freelance... MORE
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The Day the Earth Didn't Stood Still
Copyright Alejandro Granadillo 2023
Updated May 2020
Location puerto rico
Topics Climate Change, Earthquake, Environment, Latin America, Photography, Photojournalism, Puerto rico
Some call it an earthquake, some call it just tremors. Some other says that is like a divine intervention. All I can say is the earth was shaking.

Puerto Rico is an island that is used to be hit by other natural disasters like hurricanes but this kind on phenomena are not something people keep memories about.

An earthquake of 6.4 (Mw) occurred on January 7, 2020. The epicenter was located at Yauco, a city located at the south of the island. This is the 3rd biggest earthquake in Puerto Rico since there are records about it.
Houses, schools, church and roads were affected. People preferred to stay outside their houses in fear of a collapse for the continuous tremors.

I met a family who partially move outside their home and spend the all day at the porch. They preferred to stay outside than inside due to the constant aftershocks and the fear of the collapse of the house.
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The Day the Earth Didn't Stood Still by Alejandro Granadillo
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