• Matias Gonzalez

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  • Location: Buenos Aires
    Nationality: Chileno
    Biography: Matías González Salinas (SCL - Chile, 1993) Fotógrafo documental con especial interés en asuntos sociales. Es miembro del Colectivo   MigrarPhoto . Luego de terminar la carrera de Fotografía en la “EAF” de Buenos Aires (2014) regresa... read on


Subway staff ensures that passengers are inside the cars and not on the doors, #NewYork #Subway #USA
People waiting the R train in South Ferry Station, #NewYork #Subway #USA
Party in #Quilicurast [04:00am], Santiago of Chile.
Brooklyn Night, New York.
Looking for love in a lost society, picture part of the serie #Quilicurast.
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