Gina Martin

Managing Account Executive Editorial Sales, International
National Geographic Creative
Location: Washington DC
Nationality: American
Biography: Gina Martin has worked at National Geographic for 17 years.  Gina is the Managing Account Executive, International Editorial Sales for their photo agency, NG Creative. She is the Founder and Executive Director of the  Bob and Diane ... read on
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gina martin
Sep 14, 2017
Featured photographer (above) is Paul Nicklen: 

Paul Nicklen describes looking up from underneath a wave akin to "looking through a moving painting—an undulating, shifting kaleidoscope of blue hues." Nicklen is an experienced ice diver with hundreds of immersions in extremely dangerous conditions. What surprised him most when he swam in the Hawaiian big waves wasn't the power of the water. He knows all too well how those waves crash with enough force to toss you around "helplessly, like a ragdoll, leaving you with your head spinning, wondering which way is up." Nicklen was most surprised by how incredibly beautiful and peaceful it is to dive under those big waves "…if you first learn how to do it right." This image, the opening spread from Nicklen's February 2015 National Geographic magazine article "Pure Hawaiian" shows two best friends as they dive under a wave at a surfing spot near their hometown of Makaha.

8" x 10" signed print, Fuji Crystal paper, unframed

All signed prints $100

By Gina Martin —

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