Maurizio Gjivovich

Andhra Pradesh
Location: Ivrea
Nationality: ITALY
Biography:  Professional photographer. has published photo reports in international magazines, his reports explore complex political and social contexts; He was born in Ivrea (north of Italy) in 1975.  last awards Honorable Mention / 2019 / Press... read on
Public Story
Andhra Pradesh
Credits: gjivovich maurizio
Updated: 01/04/14

This is a story about a book, a fundraising undertaking, a long ignored Population in a remote area of India and marvellous volunteers that bring relief and try to give a new hope.

This book is a tribute to the people of Andhra Pradesh (India), their culture and their humanity.

Tribes and villages in rural southern India, village chiefs, religious and politicians charismatic leaders, men and women of all castes, in a process of community organization and collaboration involving all the inhabitants of the small local communities on integrated and participatory basis.

The birth, growth and development of small local communities towards Gandhian grassroots groups and cohesive microcredit, their work and collaboration to support the shared development of the whole village.

The book is a contribution to all men and women committed as agents of change and as beneficiaries in programs at Semi and Arbor inIndia; it aims to increase awareness and to make known the situation of these populations and to allow the collection of funds for their present to their future existence. Thanks to their love and commitment the misery of the people of Andhra is less heavy and a pain to face and every morning many can start a new day with a real opportunity for a life of true dignity.

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