Gianni Cipriano

Location: Napoli, Italy
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Gianni Cipriano (b. 1983) is a Sicilian-born independent photographer based between New York and Napoli, Italy. His work focuses on contemporary social, political and economic issues. Gianni regularly works for The New York Times and has been... read on
Public Story
Credits: gianni cipriano
Updated: 12/16/11

Countless nuances for an undefinable island crystalized in its own dimension, far away and behind mainland Italy. Forgotten by the country it has always served, Sicily pays today the consequences of an endless postwar where hope of growth and self-determination are suffocated.

An island with its own time, space and rules. The island where I was born 

An island where silence is set between what can be said and what cannot. More than a border, silence becomes a limit, a wall called omertà, one of the codes of honor.  Metaphors, eye contact and body language become a language and a way of communicating without having to say the unsaid.